Back to where it all started – Sydney


5 years ago I left Sydney and today I am back. It makes me feel very sentimental, as this trip has started my blog and totally changed my life. My first flight to Sydney in year 2007 was full of surprises – delays, canceled flights, lost suitcase, accidental travel in 1st class. This time it was calm and without adventures. We were flying together with Tomasz and we had a typical airplane kind of fun – drinking gin and tonic, bothering people around to talk to us and getting excited about a movie we’re been watching (each of us a different one).
Tomasz made an evil plan to avoid jet lag, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. We’ve followed it with hours of sleeping, water drinking and exercising. But then it turned out that I can’t have a cup coffee and this point was unrealistic. The plan also lost with gin and tonic, as there is no alcohol rule. What can I write, I woke up at 4:30 am and went on a beach to see sun rise and it was totally worth it.
Hello Sydney! I’ve been missing you! <3