November 8, 2010 in Bolivia, South America , ,

30h on a bus + few hours waiting + 12h on another bus = I need to stay somewhere for a night. Santa Cruz was a happy winner. I got there around 4 am, my plan was to sleep for a whole day, but I got up at 9 am. I’ve heard sounds of people eating and as I didn’t eat in the last 24h, it made me leave the bed.

Imagine, in the Tucan Hostel – where I stopped – there actually was a toucan. Happy little bird. We had quite some fun together – he bite my nose, I hit back – we’re still friends.

There’s not much to do in the city, it’s rather a stop on the way to somewhere else. One thing is sure – you can make a manicure on a street for 80 cents, maybe it’s cheeper for locals but I don’t care, I was ready to pay even double the price, heh.

I eat everything I see, everything is delicious and so in “Marta likes” price range. Think of paying 10 cents for two awesome pudding cookies, and! – the best part – Santa Cruz is THE city for ice creams lovers!

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