October 31, 2010 in Brazil, South America , ,

I was supposed to meet Miry at the Niteroi bus terminal but finally I’ve decided to take taxi to her place. Vision of loosing my way in Rio and ending up in in one of favelas was too colorful. Anyway, thanks to this I’m pretty sure they will show me in in Rio’s TV. No idea what it was all about, but they interviewed a woman standing just next to me. If see a white face with a big smile – that’s me.

For the next few days apartment 1106 in Niteroi will be my home. It’s a real students place in every possible meaning of that. After few days spent with Miriam and boys I was almost ready to stay for the next few months or even better – to start studies and to live with them for next few years.

Obviously, my first question was “so, is it safe over here?”. As an answer I heard that Miry was mugged like 4 times and one of this times was when someone was pointing a gun at her. You (especially boys from Sao Paulo) can imagine the look on my face.

Most probably she noticed signs of growing panic on my face, so she decided to show me some good parts of Rio’s reality. She took me on a trip around Niteroi, we went for lunch to Steak House and had big portion of meat, farofa, veggies and cola – Yum!. Then we went to the park which was beautiful and safe during the day but apparently full of rapists in the night time. Beach was beautiful and just next to the apartment, but don’t think about swimming in the ocean – water is polluted.

We also went to visit a friend of Miry, cute girl who was living in Rio for quite some time now and still is a bit afraid of surroundings. While we were swiping a beer someone knocked on the door. A man introduced himself as as a government employee. The only thing was it was Saturday around 7 pm. Make the adding. She didn’t let him in saying she’s busy.

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