Bienal in Sao Paulo

We were supposed to see the Museu de Arte Moderna in massive Parque do Ibirapuera, but instead we ended up at Bienal. Three floors of art plus Fabio equals a whole day over there. When we got all the fun that we could handle, it was time to go home. And the question “How” popped up. We had few theories, we asked around and eventually made it home by coincidence with a little help from some locals.

In Sao Paulo there are hundreds of busses going in different directions, so believe me, it wasn’t an easy game.

First day in Sao Paulo

I was supposed to get up in the morning and to go back to the airport. But thanks to my great host Ana, I had a chance to see a bit of Lisbon and a yellow tram. This city rocks, but for sure I would not be able to drive a car over here.

On a plane to Sao Paulo I’ve started to wonder if I should have a visa to Brazil. I did double-check while planning the trip, but anyway couldn’t have stopped thinking about it. I hated the food, did’t like movies. I miss British Airlines.

When I arrived, there was a long line for locals and quite a short one for foreigners. Everything went fast, I got my stamp, I didn’t need visa.

I’ve met a Buddhist guy on a plane, who suggested we should take a bus to the city together. So, here we are, it’s 8 pm and it’s dark. Anyway I’m pretty sure it will be cheeper than a taxi for 120 reals. First bus, then the second and a taxi on the end and voila. I’m in front of the house of tres amigos. It’s 10:30 pm and nobody killed me, I still have my backpack. Seems like Sao Paulo isn’t that bad.

Next the morning Fabio takes me on a market, where one can find all sorts of vegetables and fruits. Everyone is friendly, they smile and are eager to talk. I should learn some more portuguese. Thanks god Fabio knows spanish.

In the evening we take metro and visit CBD. People stare at me, I stare at them. I carry camera on a strap hanging from my neck, Jackson and Fabio say it’s safe. Then one lady passes us and says “be careful, it’s not safe to show your camera over here”. I have eyes open now all around my head.

Just before we came back home we went for a coffee which unluckily ended up on the only jumper and trousers I have. Nice!.

So, my first day in Sao Paulo is behind me and I am still alive plus in love this city!


6:00 pm and here I am, standing on the airport in Amsterdam and saying bye-bye to Mr. T. It was difficult, even too difficult. I leave him alone quite a lot (what can I say, I’m not the best wife) but it was never as difficult as it was today. In conclusion my t-shirt around the neck got totally wet, just like my sleeves did. Thanks God I didn’t put any make up on.

I buy a bottle of wine for my host in Lisbon and I am ready to go. The plane however is not. A 1h delay. I am enormously tired and feel like sleeping for a whole flight, but within seconds after crossing the entrance of the plane I realize I’m on my way to America Latina and become too exited to sleep.