November 4, 2010 in Bolivia, Brazil, South America , , ,

Boys ate my bread so I went to buy a fresh one. I made my sandwiches and finished packing. While I was packing though, Pandora – the best cat in the whole universe – managed to get through paper wrapping to my sandwiches and licked the ham! In about an hour I was sitting in a bus to Bolivia’s border.

It was hard to leave Rio, specially that Miriam turned out to be an amazing girl and made me feel there like at home with no Tomasz around (we were talking via Skype).

The way between Rio and Sao Paulo (6h) went very fast. Then the bus filled up with families. At the night air condition got broken and children (about 6 of them) decided to make poo. Sound’s like fun – not really. It was impossible to open the window, so I went through few stinky hours. In total 30h non stop.

I was supposed to get out at Corumba’s bus terminal, but people kept repeating the Federal Police of Brazil is at the border and our bus goes there. Sounds good for me. I got kind of surprised when we crossed the Brazil-Bolivia border and stopped in Bolivia. You know, maybe I’m not a modern person, but I thought that a good-bye-stamp is required.

It turned out that border rules are quite flexible. It was hot and on brazilian side there were no cafes nor stores, so both countries agreed to make a stop on bolivian side. Usually in the afternoon hours there is a siesta time, so people wait in one of that cafes and then come back on brazilian side, for the stamp.

I had that thought, that after 30h I’ll feel like a stop in Quijarro (border city on Bolivian side), but no, following the bliss, I took another 12h bus to Santa Cruz. Let’s get wild. It was a night bus of course. I was sitting next to this lovely old woman who was pinching me each time she’d fallen asleep.

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