May 9, 2011 in Bolivia, Brazil, South America , , , , , ,

I was sitting on a mattress in Szymon’s appartment and it hit me – I’m going back home. In a few days I’m getting on a plane in Sao Paulo and I’m flying to Europe. I just have to get to Sao Paulo. I made that jurney the opposite way once already, so why would I have any problems going back?

I bought a bus ticket to Santa Cruz, said goodbye to all the crazy people in La Paz, the most crazy one went with me on a bus station and I’ve set up in the queue for the baggage. Guy in the window gave me a card that said Sucre, which surprised me a bit, so I started to explain to him that I was actually going to Santa Cruz. He told me that I have a ticket to Sucre. Word by word, person to person and that’s how my awkward journey started, one that went not really according to plan I had in mind. Lady in the window remembered me very well and of course my request for a ticket to Sucre. Nothing helped. Nor the explenation, that the glass in her window is bearing a great sign Santa Cruz or that I gave her a piece of paper with the same name (that one she no longer remembered). I made a research and it turned out that I won’t be able to take a bus to SC in the next days, so I went to Sucre.

A blessing in disguise, I met a girl on the bus, whose friend could arrange a flight to SC for a good price, more than that, she also had a good deal on a flight from SC to the Sao Paulo. The sun began to shine for me again. I bought the tickets, I visited the kids from Nanty at the pool and the next morning I went to the airport.

After 3 hours of waiting for my flight, it was canceled because, well, the sky was cloudy. It did not rain, no thunders, simply there were some clouds on the sky. In addition, I was told that they won’t refund my ticket, because obviously it’s not their fault. It is worth to mention that the buses in my desired direction did not run, because the roads were flooded. Oops. I had no other choice but buying a flight in another airlines and after 2 hours I was flying.

In Santa Cruz I ate ice creams, I requested a refund for the tickets in Boa airlines (they said they will send it within 2 months and there’s still nothing on the account until now) and I talked to the toucan, which bit me in the nose few months before.

At the airport, my bag went through security check three times! Despite assurances that the flight will fly on time, one hour after the scheduled start, monitors kept convincing us that everything is great.

I am in Sao Paulo, where again I’ve met the three coolest guys in Brazil. The last two days, wow, it’s hard to acknowledge that in 48 hours I’ll be on a plane to Europe. All good things come to an end eventually.

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