October 25, 2010 in Brazil, South America ,

I was supposed to get up in the morning and to go back to the airport. But thanks to my great host Ana, I had a chance to see a bit of Lisbon and a yellow tram. This city rocks, but for sure I would not be able to drive a car over here.

On a plane to Sao Paulo I’ve started to wonder if I should have a visa to Brazil. I did double-check while planning the trip, but anyway couldn’t have stopped thinking about it. I hated the food, did’t like movies. I miss British Airlines.

When I arrived, there was a long line for locals and quite a short one for foreigners. Everything went fast, I got my stamp, I didn’t need visa.

I’ve met a Buddhist guy on a plane, who suggested we should take a bus to the city together. So, here we are, it’s 8 pm and it’s dark. Anyway I’m pretty sure it will be cheeper than a taxi for 120 reals. First bus, then the second and a taxi on the end and voila. I’m in front of the house of tres amigos. It’s 10:30 pm and nobody killed me, I still have my backpack. Seems like Sao Paulo isn’t that bad.

Next the morning Fabio takes me on a market, where one can find all sorts of vegetables and fruits. Everyone is friendly, they smile and are eager to talk. I should learn some more portuguese. Thanks god Fabio knows spanish.

In the evening we take metro and visit CBD. People stare at me, I stare at them. I carry camera on a strap hanging from my neck, Jackson and Fabio say it’s safe. Then one lady passes us and says “be careful, it’s not safe to show your camera over here”. I have eyes open now all around my head.

Just before we came back home we went for a coffee which unluckily ended up on the only jumper and trousers I have. Nice!.

So, my first day in Sao Paulo is behind me and I am still alive plus in love this city!

  • http://goldentimesnewwoman.com Marta

    Mariana, we’ll visit you for sure. But maybe you’ll do us a honor in Amsterdam?

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