November 3, 2010 in Brazil, South America , , ,

A well known all over the world statue of Christ is a must in Rio (it was voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007, yeah!). I’ve decided to ignore all taxi drivers and took a cog train all the way up. Someone told me it’s better to sit on a right side of the train and was totally right.

On the top of Corocovado it turns out that Christ is hiding behind clouds and it’s difficult to see even his feet. I have time, so with my new Colombian friend we’re going for a coffee. To be honest we didn’t even have to look at the statue, causes whenever it was possible to see Christ people started to scream, clap their hands and make many other sounds. Excitement around was big.

Finally, after watching it on pictures at TV and in movies, I was able to see it live, as it is. So, in reality it is small, much smaller I thought it will be.

One more thing – view over the city is just awesome.

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