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I love to work as a freelancer. I avoid all the traffic in the morning, I work at home in my comfortable clothes (sweat pants and Mr T.’s shirt) and slippers. My desk is a magical part of my apartment, the whole corner is white and I have a view on trees out of my window. My chair is very comfy as well. But from time to time I need to leave my “comfort zone” because I’ll get mad and kill my beloved Mr T. That’s when a problem arises. To work I need to be online (addiction plus an actual work) and what would seem an obvious thing in big cities nowadays, Wi Fi is not that common in Berlin’s cafes. That’s why I’ve decided to share a list of places where all you wonderful people can go and DO some work. I’ll name it “Work this out in Berlin”. So what do we need? For sure internet access (also called WLAN in Germany), good! coffee, nice environment, peace and a good vibe.

The first place to recommend is Café Tagomago located in Friedrichshain, as I like to have a good place close to home. They have a fast wifi and a very nice coffee served by a very nice spanish man. The place is quite small and minimalistic, but that’s what I like about it. My favorite spot will be a tabletop by the big display-like window, where I can sit on a tall stool and observe what’s going on outside. Another advantage is a very nice calm music and a possibility to plug in to an electricity when your battery is dying (not that simple everywhere). You can have a break and eat one of sandwiches or a quiche. Plus, they don’t mind if you sit there longer.

Café Tagomago
Simon-Dach-Straße 3, Berlin 10245, Germany

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I have this one favorite place in Westerpark. I like to go there for coffee and to read a book. My favorite part of this place was a big wooden table that occupied almost the entire entresol. Someone decided to get rid of the table and the spell of the place broke. Espressofabriek, please, restore the table!

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