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Definitely a place to go to do some shopping, partying and to have a hangover. I have heard before that it was supposed to be dangerous. So when I actually went there and was walking around with my backpack at 5am I had my eyes looking in every direction. There were two guys passing me, stopping and following me. After the first one I changed the side of a street, after another, again. And so on and so on. From the perspective of time I think they wanted to help me with my backpack and I was just being too sensitive. BTW, I just love to walk around foreign cities early in the morning. It’s totally different.

To make a long story short I was supposed to stay there just for a day or two, but it made such a good impression on me that I’ve stayed for a week. Plus I had met a guy called Szymon who made my day and created a hangover with gorzka żołądkowa. He also took me to the place where I ate a 3 course lunch for E1.50, dessert included and shops with 60 year old ponchos. That was fun.

I was shopping quite a lot trying to find the perfect present for my beloved husband Tomasz, I also went to the witches market to buy a dead lama for our apartment and a juice from cactus to heal my burns.

Then I tried to cook a bit with a group of friends so i bought all the tasty and juicy fruits and vegetables from chollitas. I Would love to see the same prices in Amsterdam! This time I didn’t poison myself.

As a real tourist I’ve decided not to waste a day just because of hangover. I decided to take a tourist bus around the city. It was not as interesting as it could be. I got almost boiled under the roof glass and had to listen to an english guide through the italian channel but at least I didn’t spend a day in a bed.

I saw a wedding, what amazing dresses! It was a great privilege to see chollitas in nice dresses, wow! And i met the guys who clean shoes. Their faces are always covered, apparently because it’s illegal to clean shoes in this city.

Finally I ended up in Loki at a party and it was good! They made alcohol jellies that they were throwing at people and I even caught one. Some people were not that lucky and ended up with one in their hair or on their face. But at least this was an improvement on the personal metal concert i had in my room the night before.

And what was even more amazing, in the whole city you could see people training for a dance in an upcoming festival. It looked great.

December 6, 2010 in Bolivia, South America , , , , ,

Altiplano is beautiful, full of flamingos and lamas. Again, altitude makes it difficult to sleep so I ended up waking up in the middle of the night breathless and my dreams were unusual. It is also extremely cold and getting up was never that difficult. But then we got into the thermal pools. It was still early, the sun was rising, temperature on minus and I undressed to get into it. After 3 days on a dessert it was a heaven.

December 5, 2010 in Bolivia, South America , , ,

How to describe a trip made by everyone who has visited Bolivia. Hmm.

The Salt lake is wow. It really is and no picture will show it. You need to go there, sit on the salt and have your lunch. And go toilet before, cause it’s quite tricky to pee over there.

For people interested in salt production it’s possible to go into a museum – a small room with a lady packing salt into bags.

I’ve learned a lot. Lamas poo in one spot and have a group sex (three style). Also they kill and skin lamas anywhere and are definitely not as sensitive about meat as we are (fridge? – what for, clean? – are you a princess?).

JAnyway I’m a proper tourist, so I took a 4 day trip which means I had to climb a crater. You think piece of cake, I say you have no idea what you’re talking about. First of all there’re about 5000 m over the sea level so it makes it double hard. Then you walk and walk and walk, then the path finishes and you start to climb through thousands of mini stones, which means that you slip all the time. Plus I got lost and ended up on a dangerous path, of course by myself (sorry Tomasz) and it was pretty steep and scary.

BUT when we made it I felt like i had won a New York marathon or better.

November 30, 2010 in Bolivia, South America , , , ,

My body gets a rest and my soul is happy. I caught a bus to Uyuni. The road is beautiful but sometimes we are driving too close to the edge and it is pretty scary. In the bus there is dust flying around everywhere so I am constantly inhaling it and have desert in my nose. The road was pretty bumpy, my organs got wild and almost separated from the body. It’s also necessary to hold your breasts, otherwise they will go their own way. Everyone should try it, the best roller coster ever!

November 30, 2010 in Bolivia, South America , , ,

I like to think about myself as a pretty talented person. That is why I’ve decided to learn Spanish by myself, teach myself how to play harmonica and design clothes that are getting better with time. But I’ve never assumed I can relearn how to ride a horse in just a few minutes. I used to do it as a child and bothered to inform everyone in the tourist office about that fact. When we went to pick up the horses it turned out that the rest of our crew was born in the saddle and then Stina told me it’s just like riding a bike. I had the idea in my head that a bike isn’t alive, but i did’t have much time to think about it. After 10 minutes we were going really fast. So I sat on that horse, shit scared , trying not to fall down. And you know what, it is like riding a bike.

We looked like a real cowgirls with hats and horse bags, running like the wind with me on the back… running almost like the wind but with that shitty backpack hitting my back with each step. Plus I’m still on antibiotics and ass stoppers.

It’s hard to describe the views around, it was like riding a horse inside a Discovery Channel. I can’t show too many pictures, cause I was never sure when we would begin too gallop again and believe me, it wasn’t easy to hide my camera while doing so.

In the evening we made it to the small village located between two rocky hills. There’s plenty of bulls but where are the cows? I go for a walk (easy to say but to be honest it was more like a fight against everyone of my muscles).

I met some kids who were keen to do anything to make me take a shot of them. It took me like an hour to finally say goodbye.

And the village is so different to anything that I’ve seen so far. Everything made of stones, grandma doing some work, child following her around. A cat chased by a pig. And older ones sitting next to each other just staring at the desert. It was freaking me out.

In the morning I wake up bitten by bed bugs. Shit happens. Then my body informs me we’re in a stage of war and this is going to hurt. My horse hates everything that moves and looks like another horse, so bites and kicks around. Then there was that accident and a girl ended up on her head, i lost the reins (they just disconnected) while galloping and then my horse decides to run into the magical water eye and almost through me into it. But those views… it couldn’t be better.

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