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Barcelona was the place to fight with addictions as well, mine is horrible and I just can’t get rid of it – asian tourist fingers.

Lately I’ ve started to add Hawaiian’s finfer motive as well.

I need professional help!

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The main goal of our trip to Barcelona (at least for some of us) was to participate in the Offf Festival. Very interesting lectures, festival’s organization so so (queues, queue, queue), a lot of inspiration.

There was a logistic problem however. Well, there was a need to combine a crazy night life and lectures (which lasted 11.30-21.30). Clara (beer with lemonade) proved to be very helpful in driving force during the day, so if one of us got lost somewhere, it was a good chance that you found that person in line for this highly energetic liquid.

I will not try to pull the wool over anyone eyes, sleeping for about 3-4h per day meant that we were a bit tired. We were looking for the possibility of rest wherever it was possible …

others had better ideas ….

some tried to escape in art and design future tattoos.

We wanted to play, we wanted to learn, we wanted everything.

And we did it, but eventually we looked like this:

Dull look, bags under the eyes, pale skin, the total lack of communication, and when we arrive home, just before resting heads on a pillow for the next 24, we whispered: “We must do it again some time soon.”

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If someone asks me what I did in Barcelona, among all the other things the only right answer seems to be: I was eating a lot!”. Thats the honest true – I was eating 7 times per day, maybe more. Our day started in the street market, where after a cup of coffee and spanish omelet (or seafood salad) we were buying baguette with a delicious smoked ham “for later” plus a big bag of fruits and vegetables. In the meantime, I was “tasting” toasted sobrassada, which I love, churros with thick black chocolate, tapases with everything strange and unusual, paellas in the best company, clara and cava to make it through the day, bowls of meat, bowls of sea food. And there was this one constant thought in my head – OMG I’m so full but I want more!

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We made it to Barcelona on Monday’s evening and even though we were extremely tired after a weekend in Warsaw, we got very exited! At the time we didn’t know that Barcelona equals no sleep for a week. But still BARCELONA ROCKS!!!

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