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Waverley Cemetery 1

I think I have a thing for old cemeteries. Not only because of a calmness and a history behind each grave but also because of it’s beauty. Waverley Cemetery is a magical place, especially during a sunset.

Waverley Cemetery 2

Waverley Cemetery 5

Waverley Cemetery 6

Waverley Cemetery 9

Waverley Cemetery 10

Waverley Cemetery 11

Waverley Cemetery 13

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I have a special relationship with coffee. It’s all started years ago when I moved to Sydney. I used to drink an ugly liquid only called coffee but in Australia I’ve tried my first flat white. It was delicious and had this lovely pattern on top. I fell in love with it and with years this love went much further.

Whenever I travel somewhere for longer, I try to find a good coffee place. I had like 12 coffees in Sydney already and it’s not even been a week since I am here (I’m seriously trying not to confuse coffee with water). But there is one place where I buy my coffee each morning and I am enjoying it like crazy. The day will come when barista remembers my name and then it will be a pure happiness. Cheers!



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Living next to a beach was always in my head. What can be better than grabbing a coffee and drinking it on a beach while looking on a sunrise Picture perfect. And now this little dream of mine came true, as for the next month this will be my reality.

My first trip on a beach at 6 am was full of strange thoughts like if it’s safe to go by myself with a camera. I passed few runners, bought a cup of flat white on a way, had a small chat with barista about advantages of jet lag and then I was shocked. Can you imagine that at 6 am Bondi was full of people?! They were running, exercising, playing, surfing, swimming, doing yoga or just sitting like I did. And I am not talking about youngsters. There was a man around 60 years old running while holding a heavy ball over his hear (impressive). I was sitting on a sand and laughing at loud, as I felt so happy and positive that I couldn’t hold it in myself anymore. Bondi at 6 am rocks!

On my way back a boy with a surf bord asked me for time. It was 7:10 am and he wasn’t sure if it’s ok for him to jump back to water, as most probably he had school later on. I want my children to have this kind of dilemmas. Bondi is known for being the most popular beach in Sydney, but in the early morning, before a sunrise, this is local’s spot.

















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5 years ago I left Sydney and today I am back. It makes me feel very sentimental, as this trip has started my blog and totally changed my life. My first flight to Sydney in year 2007 was full of surprises – delays, canceled flights, lost suitcase, accidental travel in 1st class. This time it was calm and without adventures. We were flying together with Tomasz and we had a typical airplane kind of fun – drinking gin and tonic, bothering people around to talk to us and getting excited about a movie we’re been watching (each of us a different one).
Tomasz made an evil plan to avoid jet lag, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. We’ve followed it with hours of sleeping, water drinking and exercising. But then it turned out that I can’t have a cup coffee and this point was unrealistic. The plan also lost with gin and tonic, as there is no alcohol rule. What can I write, I woke up at 4:30 am and went on a beach to see sun rise and it was totally worth it.
Hello Sydney! I’ve been missing you! <3


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I’ve developed some old films from a fridge and I found few shots from San Francisco on a roll.



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