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I’ve never seen a beach covered with snow, a sea with a broken ice, cats fishing a fish from a cold sea. I’ve never been to Pleśna before and I truly regret that I got there so late. I can hardly remember the last time I was crawling in a snow, drying my hair next to the fireplace and taking a part in a crazy sleigh ride. Snow in my eyes, happiness in my heart.

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Simply great

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Blast form the past. It was fun.
Good music, good company and I was waiting in a line for over an hour to have a bit of a golden brocade on my face.

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Place where you can spent way too much money. Blouse for 5 euros sounds great, until you buy 5 plus a sweater plus … Going back to the subject, once a month you can acquire an interesting addition to your wardrobe or, by paying 20 euros, sell part of it. But I must warn you, most probably you’ll spend all earnings in the same place. The place is a huge container with a nice cosy atmosphere, good music and a nice company. There’s nothing like shopping with a glass of wine in hand, when you don’t have to spent thousands of euros!
For you planning your trip to Berlin, maybe you’ll be lucky, just check here.

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