January 27, 2011 in South America, Uruguay ,

Due to very limited time we were blessed to spend together we decided to go for rather leisure type of traveling. This way we got to Montevideo, so called big city where for the first time since I left home I’m staying in a hotel (notice no “s” before “t”). In the very moment we walk in through huge and beautiful wooden door ring starts to bell in my mind – “You can’t afford it!”. Pleasant surprise! A nice, clean and stylish room turned out to be cheaper than two beds in hostel dorm. On top of that, after spending few nights on buses or under a tent, it was a bliss to sleep on a comfy matrace, in clean white bedding, in a room with cable TV, a fridge, fresh towels in bathroom and wi-fi access. I feel like not leaving this room ever! I have to though as T wants to go and explore. Total lack of mutual understanding.

Our hotel is located just next to Plaza Independencia – not far from Ciudad Vieja – the oldest part of town where we decided to go for a stroll. While passing some all ladies they stopped us and they strongly suggested we should turn around as otherwise we’d get robbed in few minutes. Literally minute later, we got same message from another local. We are going back towards area with armed tourist police.

They say Uruguay is the Switzerland of South America and there is something to it, it’s expensive here. And perhaps, it all feels well organised.

Food options-wise there is plenty of characteristic, shining steel looking, huge campervan sized stalls with various hot-dogs and other delicious but heavy fast food – it’s T’s easy choice. What Montevideo hasalso to offer are beaches, more than dozen of them actually – we go on a bus then, beach hopping.

Well, and now, I’m not sure what more to add. Mostly, I have fresh quilt on my mind, hot shower and all night movies session. I should probably still see these beaches, city streets, cafes and sunset walks but my next night – just for a bit of contrast – I’ve spent sleeping on a sleeping mat at the airport, covered by a scarf, with my head resting on T’s knees and I was dreaming about my little but perfect room in Hotel Palacio in Montevideo.

January 24, 2011 in Argentina, South America, Uruguay ,

After a short visit in Mar del Plata I’m still all covered in sand like a schnitzel in bread crumbs. We’ve arrived in Buenos Aires. There are no tickets for night buses to Montevideo (Uruguay), I didn’t take a shower for few days. They haven’t played movies on our way to Buenos. They gave us a sweet goodies bag though. Still, I’d prefer a movie.

It’s 9pm, after long run tickets run it’s midnight. We setup our sleeping mat next to electricity socket, there is also free Wi-Fi available. I’m writing, T is either napping or having cigarets. After last bus leaves, there are only us and homeless left. We’re being passed and asked for money constantly. Even though we’re sleeping on bus terminal apparently we look wealthy. They say you look like you feel, and I feel great!

On our ferry to Montevideo we’re taking our first class seats (there was no economy ones left). They didn’t give us champagne, only seats were slightly more comfortable. After 3 hours we arrive to Colonia del Sacramento. It’s hot, we go for icecreams. Next we go for huge set of grilled meats. Sun disappears suddenly and we’re blessed by heavy rain. We set up our tent in rain. Hot water is available from 8pm and our camping bathroom resembles those ones from prisons – it’s a big open room with no door with pipes sticking out from the ceiling.

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