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I came here only because one miner told me it was his favourite place in Chile. And indeed, there’s something in it. Casual campus during holidays and vacation turns into a quiet fishing village. For two days there, I have not met a single backpackers, and my hostel – a large dormitory filled with antiques, was empty.

A big spot in my journal has a Haussmann – a little German cafe, where I got the best – so far – breakfast in South America – scrambled eggs on ham and butter plus a toasted bread (the real deal!). I know, maybe I’m exaggerating, but at that moment it blowed my mind and my stomach.

Except for the campus and all spots connected with it, the main attraction is the river and what’s in it – think approximately 500 kg sea lions. During the day lying down lazily behind the net of a local fish market, waiting for someone to throw them a fish’s head. One got behind the grid (I don’t know how it was possible, because it wasn’t a little one) and while sitting (do sea lions sit?) just behind vendors, it was getting what better pieces. That might not sound like WOW, but it looked SUPER WOW.

January 12, 2011 in Chile, South America , , ,

I kinda got stuck in Peru. By now I should have already traveled north and centre of Argentina… Well, life is no a fairy tale, so eventually I started sliding down to Patagonia only 8 days before the appointed meeting with T. At the terminal in Arequipa, where I had a bus to the border with Chile, my pants teared up to the waist and I had white panties on. Wrapped tightly in a scarf (it was hot), I boarded the bus and so I started to go. In Tacna I wanted to buy a ticket straight to Santiago – man in the window began to laugh and said that there are no tickets left (Like it was obviuous… I did not get the joke then). Local bus took me to Aricia in Chile, where it appeared that the earlier joke was based on the fact that all tickets to Santiago for the next three days are sold out. After a quick panic attack and harass, I was running from one to another bus company, both passenger and cargo (I said I can go in the hatch) to get a ticket for the evening with a change in Amtofagasta.

Making use of few hours break, I went to the city center where people fell into a Christmas frenzy, and everything revolved around the capture of gifts and preparation for Christmas dinner. Therefore, McDonald’s wasn’t crowded.

In the bus I was sitting next to a miner who works in northern Chile, it was pretty loud about his mine, because several of his colleagues got stuck underground for 60 days.

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