February 26, 2011 in Argentina, South America ,

February 25, 2011 in Argentina, South America ,

In Lonely Planet they write, that Corrientes is not a backpackers city because it’s expensive (true) and it’s hard to fall in love with it. I’ve been trying to love it, but it didn’t work out. First I had to walk 3 km to the city on a sidewalk of a huge street, because I did not have coins for a bus (no coins = no ride), then I got such a strong direa that I’ve been running and begging people to let me use their toilet (shit happens). But it’s not all. I went to the park – full of rubbish, then to the seaside – full of rubbish, all the museums were closed (on a week day). The thing is that everything is closed between 12 – 5 pm. I managed to see the city within 2h and decided to eat something. That’s how I got myself out of two places. I ordered the food and wanted to get internet access, but as soon as my plate was empty (still had some coke though) they asked me to order some more or otherwise leave — opus. The same story happened in another place. What can I say – I take showers and wash clothes, so it couldn’t be a bad smell. Plus, I’m a nice country girl so no idea what the problem was..

February 2, 2011 in Argentina, South America , ,

Ticket for a night bus from Buenos Aires to Iguazu — 422peso
Dorm with 9 guys within (means man room again, i’m definitely growing my hair) — 40 peso
Sandwich plus coke in supermarket — 10 peso
Entrance ticket to the park — fucking pricy.

They have this disgusting manner in Argentina to bump prices for non-Argentinians, better – for those from outside of South America prices get even higher. We’re not complaining over few pesos. Compare 20 for lucky ones and 100 for gringos, because we’re all gringos. There was time when darker skin was discriminated, nowadays I’m paying for being white.

People were saying Iguazu falls is something you have to see for yourself and I do listen to people. Sometimes I listen a bit less, because they have too much to say in a moment when I can’t be bothered.

I’ve met some polish guys, you can meet us anywhere nowadays, how cool is that!

February 2, 2011 in Argentina, South America ,

We were sitting over a beer, cooling down after a hot day, fighting with mosquitos and sharing stories who was robbed when and where. There was only one rule – it had to take a place in South America. Guys had quite few stories – australian was robbed twice on the same street (one of main streets in Buenos), one time they tightened a rope around his neck, second time he got threatened by a finger that was supposed to be a gun so eventually he refused to give his cash away, other guy got his eyes sprayed with pepper gas.

That was the evening, and during the sun hours I was walking around the city with everything I own on my back. To be a better target, I was walking with a cup from Starbucks, I drank mate with homeless in park, I was answering every provocation and approaching anyone who called me. It’s probably just the longing for T. My misery had to be visible, because no one wanted my money and everyone was willing to listen about T.

I went for a steak to a strange pub. Waiters, in their 60′s, in white shirts, moving their hips when some music with a rhythm was coming from the radio. In front of me there was an older Argentinean sitting, we were smiling to each others while chewing meat.

I talked with a boy living on the street — he’s sleeping there on his couch — he said that I could also sleep there, but I went back to the hostel.

January 24, 2011 in Argentina, South America, Uruguay ,

After a short visit in Mar del Plata I’m still all covered in sand like a schnitzel in bread crumbs. We’ve arrived in Buenos Aires. There are no tickets for night buses to Montevideo (Uruguay), I didn’t take a shower for few days. They haven’t played movies on our way to Buenos. They gave us a sweet goodies bag though. Still, I’d prefer a movie.

It’s 9pm, after long run tickets run it’s midnight. We setup our sleeping mat next to electricity socket, there is also free Wi-Fi available. I’m writing, T is either napping or having cigarets. After last bus leaves, there are only us and homeless left. We’re being passed and asked for money constantly. Even though we’re sleeping on bus terminal apparently we look wealthy. They say you look like you feel, and I feel great!

On our ferry to Montevideo we’re taking our first class seats (there was no economy ones left). They didn’t give us champagne, only seats were slightly more comfortable. After 3 hours we arrive to Colonia del Sacramento. It’s hot, we go for icecreams. Next we go for huge set of grilled meats. Sun disappears suddenly and we’re blessed by heavy rain. We set up our tent in rain. Hot water is available from 8pm and our camping bathroom resembles those ones from prisons – it’s a big open room with no door with pipes sticking out from the ceiling.

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