October 10, 2011 in Europe, Netherlands

We went on a beach to watch surfers. If it wasn’t for approaching storm, wind throwing sand between teeth, mercilessly cold temperature and rain coming and disappearing in the least expected moments, I would probably surf. But I didn’t. I’ve been sitting next to a fireplace and knitting. Sometimes the sea brings melancholy.

August 1, 2011 in Europe, Kinderdijk, Netherlands

We had a morning coffee and we hit the road. We were supposed to sit on the grass and look at windmills, but as it happens in real life, we did it after 5 hours in train, tram, metro, bus, and of waiting. The sky was beautiful, grass green, I had Bic Mac for the first time in years.

May 26, 2011 in Europe, Netherlands , , , , , , ,

We woke up on Saturday morning, not too early, too late. I had my idea for a whole day, except that Thomas also had an idea and it was completely different from mine. I heard slogan “let’s go to the J, we’ll bbq”. I thought that it’s early, so we could get there at 12 pm, eat the sausage and come back to Amsterdam around 16-17.

We grabbed a coffee from Starbucks and got into the train, then changed into the bus and we were there.

Utrecht area is a typical picture of the Netherlands. Cute, neat little houses, canals, boats, green grass, trees and birds.

A man still thinks he has everything under control, but does not take into account one element, which can plan to spoil everything – alcohol.

After some time more people gathered, so we had intelligent discourse, some of us even read books, and everything was accompanied by a glass of wine.

Arround 5pm everything changed. We were running around the garden, chasing rabbits, jumping by pool, swinging on the line, we also went on the roof and eventually fell asleep on the grass outside the house. And hey, we’re talking about Holland, so to predict the temperature at night is as easy as to predict weather in July in Poland.

May 20, 2011 in Europe, Netherlands, Travels , ,

It always seems like comming back home means the end of my adventure. And here comes the surprise. It turns out that Amsterdam is a city of opportunity. There are beaches, maybe without the ocean or warm and crystal clean water, but with buddhist’s sculptures on the roof of the nearby bar.

There are short trips outside the city to see windmills and although the only photo was taken in the toilet – it was beautiful.

There is Tomasz every day and pizza in my favorite spot.

And again we’re wandering the city aimlessly, what I love.

And there am I, thinking of what’s next…

May 10, 2011 in Netherlands ,

Domestic leasures. Tomasz next to me.

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