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While we were living in North Bondi, we had a morning routine with Tomasz. Each day we were getting up really early to grab a cup of delicious coffee from Bru Coffee and wander around. I truly miss this moments.

Good Morning Bondi from Tomasz Greber on Vimeo.

November 24, 2014 in New Zealand

New Zealand

I haven’t been here for a while and so many things have happened on a way. I have no idea if I’ll be able to recollect everything, but well, I am writing diaries, so it should help. The last time we talked I had coffee in Sydney. Since then I’ve visited few places. The first one was New Zealand – not the trip of my life. It has started with me loosing my photography equipment, let’s not talk about it, but then something super cool had happened that saved it all. It turned out that Grebers will have a new member in their small family. Yey! My daughter will go on a nice trip to Sydney when she turns 18 or maybe 21 and then to New Zealand where she’s been discovered. Maybe if she’ll be a good girl we’ll also send her to Japan, where her mommy kept eating pastas and burgers for a month.

New Zealand

New Zealand

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While you wonder around CBD in Sydney, it’s hard to imagine, that just few minutes away by ferry you can be on an island, that’s almost uninhabited. I am talking about Cockatoo Island, where you can get to by ferry from Circular Quay. This place is almost like San Francisco’s Alcatraz and has a rich history itself. It used to be a prison, then they built ships there, and troubled children found home there as well. Nowadays it’s a place with awesome exhibitions from time to time. It’s worth visiting if you like to hang around old hangars and buildings. I do, and I spent a whole day over there. Sunset from Island’s perspective was beautiful.
















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Waverley Cemetery 1

I think I have a thing for old cemeteries. Not only because of a calmness and a history behind each grave but also because of it’s beauty. Waverley Cemetery is a magical place, especially during a sunset.

Waverley Cemetery 2

Waverley Cemetery 5

Waverley Cemetery 6

Waverley Cemetery 9

Waverley Cemetery 10

Waverley Cemetery 11

Waverley Cemetery 13

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I have a special relationship with coffee. It’s all started years ago when I moved to Sydney. I used to drink an ugly liquid only called coffee but in Australia I’ve tried my first flat white. It was delicious and had this lovely pattern on top. I fell in love with it and with years this love went much further.

Whenever I travel somewhere for longer, I try to find a good coffee place. I had like 12 coffees in Sydney already and it’s not even been a week since I am here (I’m seriously trying not to confuse coffee with water). But there is one place where I buy my coffee each morning and I am enjoying it like crazy. The day will come when barista remembers my name and then it will be a pure happiness. Cheers!



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