Pleśna. Sea. Snow. Beach. Good people. Fireplace.

I’ve never seen a beach covered with snow, a sea with a broken ice, cats fishing a fish from a cold sea. I’ve never been to Pleśna before and I truly regret that I got there so late. I can hardly remember the last time I was crawling in a snow, drying my hair next to the fireplace and taking a part in a crazy sleigh ride. Snow in my eyes, happiness in my heart.

Weekend in Sokoliki and my first climbing attempt

Just a few hours away from Berlin there is a wonderful place – Sokoliki, of which existence I had no idea util few weeks ago.

While planning on going there, I assumed I’ll wander around a forest, have some great time with friends and sleep in a tent the first and last time in this season. Of course I was a bit scared of waking up in a small pond after a rainy night, but I was told, that there are these special wooden decks I can set up a tent on. If you’re looking for a beautiful, quiet and calm place, Tabor will be one for you. It’s located close to rocks, on the edge of a forest. There’s no electricity or light, you need to walk around with a torch at night and you cook on a gas cylinder (of course if you took some pots to cook in). Our small group took even an italian coffee express, so we started our day with a freshly brewed coffee.

Polish forests during the autumn period look beautiful. I was walking around minding my own business, when I was asked if I wanted to try climbing. And I did it! 3 times! It’s an amazing feeling, kind of scary, but I had to convince myself that I am not afraid and that I can do it. It was definitely too high, sometimes I had no idea what to do next, but thank to my two experienced guides – Aga and Marcin, I made it. Now I’m in love with climbing and my piggybank has some coins for an equipment already.