The Boros Collection

Die Sammlung Boros 1
There are places worth visiting, places that make an amazing impression on you. One of them is Bunker in Berlin, where you can admire a private collection of a contemporary art. The place itself looks great and has an interesting history that you’ll get to know during a 90 minutes tour. Just to mention it shortly – it used to be a prison, warehouse for tropical fruits, techno parties spot and an erotic trade fair. Then in 2003 Christian Boros bought it and now you can admire his private contemporary art collection inside. It is all located on many floors and it’s definitely worth seeing ( You can’t take pictures of pieces, but you can get an idea on the website. ). And proud owners live in a penthouse built on top of a bunker.
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Die Sammlung Boros 3

Exhibition changes each few years, this started in 2012 so you still have time to see it. The only thing is that you need to register in advance, as groups are small (12 people), you can see it only Thu-Sun and places disappear fast.
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A Life Alone. Video by Maisie Crow

A Life Alone is a beautifully poignant video by New York-based photographer Maisie Crow. It tells the story of Tom Rose, who after 63 years of marriage finds himself living on his own, forced to reengage with his community and battle with his bittersweet memories. Tom is unflinchingly honest in his expressions of love and fear, and his willingness to share his perspectives on life, and Maisie treats this honesty with the respect it deserves. The film is a compassionate look at life-long love and companionship, and the vacuum that it can leave. It’s honesty gives it a universality, reminding us of ourselves and our loved ones, while touching on the danger in contemporary western societies of old age becoming solitary.

Source: flak photo